Client Testimonials

At The Junction is proud of the positive feedback we have received from our clients. The quote below is only one example, for more testimonials, please click here.

“It’s always a pleasure working with Sue Austin as she offers seasoned strategic thinking as a foundation to every Marketing engagement which provides a framework to support results-driven objectives.

It’s unique to find a partner who has the clarity and ability of offering both the strategic direction and execution excellence to solve a Client need.”

Ann Gronow, President,
CVM Marketing Inc.



"In Sue's capacity as Senior Partner at OgilvyOne her role was to lead an integrated account team, I reported to her as the Interactive Account Director on the American Express business. The interactive team worked separately from the rest of the team and the need for integration was recognized by Sue. One of her initiatives involved an offsite team building workshop. To this day, it is the best format I have experienced for team building. We came out of that day with a much deeper understanding of each other, our respective strengths which were different and how we could build on those unique strengths to build the business."

"Not only did we work better as a team, but also we were having fun working together. So much so that Sue and I still work together whenever we have the chance."

Dennis J. Welsh
Think Interactive






Consulting Services

Clients with whom At The Junction has consulted have experienced results that have lead to decisive and measurable actions. We perform consulting services both independently and with preferred partners for both non-profit and for profit organizations in a variety of areas:

Strategic Leadership: What we do: aligning, optimizing and developing operational skills and tools that are underpinned by coaching individuals and teams to nurture transformative leadership skills. What our clients get: an organization with the essential DNA for accelerated growth.

Customer Relationship Management Best Practices: Including data audits & database management & analysis, customer research needs, segmentation strategy, partner recommendations & assessments, key success metrics, creative review, lifetime value, etc.

Audit: Audit and review of acquisition and loyalty fundraising programs

Partner Management: Identifying, negotiating, managing the accountability of key partners in achieving strong results (creative, media agencies, strategic planner & research agencies, database experts, acquisition channels, etc.)

Strategic Planning and Team Building:
Leads team in evaluating progress against goals, market opportunity, customer feedback and self-assessment in developing a forward thinking strategic plan.

Talent Assessment: Designing marketing teams and Identifying core competencies for recommended positions

Agency Searches: Leading agency searches on behalf of clients or being included in the process

Strategy: Developing research strategies and recommendations and managing process