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There is probably no more difficult job in the world than being a mother, partner, daughter and CEO of a busy household. After years of dedicating ourselves to nurturing the lives of others, there may come a time for some when you desire more for yourself such as working in a part or full time capacity. The notion of working outside the home using your many talents may be appealing and daunting all at the same time. Over the years in my role as a certified coach, I have come across a number of women who find the notion of returning to work somewhat overwhelming.

What I know about paving the way for a successful experience is that it takes a lot of courage, a deep understanding of one’s strengths and natural talents, self-confidence and the ability to define what will be meaningful work (that makes a difference) to justify time away from the many rewards of managing a family and household. This is often a process that you may not be able to do alone, where there are many benefits of going through this learning, self-awareness and search for appropriate work with the support of a group of peers and a certified coach. Learn more...

Mentoring Senior Executives

In Sue’s corporate roles, she has experience working at the senior executive level, thus providing her with line management experience, large budget authority and significant talent management and growth mandates in both her marketing and fundraising roles. Senior clients value Sue’s ability to understand their challenges and appreciate the expertise and accountability that Sue brings as their coach. These attributes allow clients to embrace new challenges, explore alternative courses of action and develop their own personal leadership and career agenda within the safety of a confidential relationship.

Coaching is effective for executives in the following positions:

• First 90 days of a new position, on boarding

• Managing through corporate change, “lonely at the top”, seeking support and mentoring throughout the process

• Mentoring entrepreneurs through business plan development and support during new business building

• Navigating through conflict and challenging cultures

Marketing A New Small Business

You have a unique talent and ideas how to use it, but get stuck when pondering the many start-up challenges to running your own business. It takes a great deal of courage to start your own small business and a good marketing plan. Creating a marketing plan, understanding where your customers will come from, developing a budget, pricing and communications plan are all important factors where a hiring a marketing coach can make the difference and propel you forward to success.



Client Testimonials

At The Junction is proud of the positive feedback we have received from our clients. The quote below is only one example, for more testimonials, please click here.

“It’s always a pleasure working with Sue Austin as she offers seasoned strategic thinking as a foundation to every Marketing engagement which provides a framework to support results-driven objectives. It’s unique to find a partner who has the clarity and ability of offering both the strategic direction and execution excellence to solve a Client need.

Ann Gronow, President,
CVM Marketing Inc.